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We are the most complete solution for your business.

With a team of specialized technicians for each business area.

We offer a wide range of services to help the organizations work more efficiently.

We accompany you on your project until it is concluded..

Increase productivity

Android/IOS Apps for the companies, with the right apps on your smartphone you can enhance the productivity of your company.

A company’s success also depends on its capacity to evolve technologically.

Small innovations, which can be applied to a company’s daily routine can make a great difference, without requiring big investments.

By entering your business into the world of Android, you will encounter a world of new possibilities. The Android’s versatility as an operating system and the extensive diversity of applications that exist in the market, for this platform, can help to boost your business.

For more information about Android projects, contact our services.


We provide services in the area of Voiceover. We have our own professional recording studio.

We work with Portuguese announcers and native speakers of several languages, such as: English, French, German and Spanish etc.

We do:

  • Spots for radio and television
  • Voice-over for E-Learning courses
  • Voice-over for institutional and/or commercial videos
  • Voice-over for audio-guides
  • Voice-over for telephone answering messages
  • Voice-over for the promotion of commercial products: brands, shops, spaces or services
  • Voice-over for cultural, commercial events etc.
  • Voice-over for videos, websites, etc.
  • Text Translation

Where are we

Nº19 - 4ºDTº
1600 - 145 Lisboa

What we do

We provide services in the area of Voice-over, we develop Apps for Android, iOS and windows phones. We are also specialized in marketing, design and video.